Who Are We?

The "More Voices, More Choices" campaign, a Unite NY project, is here to bring meaningful democracy reform to New York state.  We are devoting our time and money to push for bills that will benefit every New Yorker.

Our Five Pillars:

  • Term Limits for Statewide Office - Term limits stop offices from becoming a permanent seat of power, and more than 80% of New York voters support limitations, including Governor Hochul in her 2022 State of the State address. 
  • Citizen Ballot Initiatives - Nearly three-quarters of New York voters want the ability to directly decide on critical issues like abortion, criminal justice, redistricting, and ethics reform. 
  • Increased Ballot Access - in 2020, in the dark of the night under the guise of COVID relief, former Governor Cuomo convinced the legislature to triple the number of signatures needed to get on the a statewide ballot to 45,000 (in just 42 days).
  • Ranked Choice Voting - The implementation of Ranked Choice Voting in New York City primaries gave voters more choices in a crowded field drove an increase in voter turnout of more than 130,000 people. We need to expand RCV statewide.
  • Nonpartisan Primaries - More than 3.4 million unaffiliated voters can not participate in publicly-funded party primary elections which are consistently plagued by low turnout. 


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Together, we can be the difference for New York.  Do you want to help bring better democracy, more voices, and more choices to our state?  Add your name below to find out more!

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